Steve Williamson's Trout Fishing Adventures

Some recent fishy pictures, of decent fish being caught in the area.

Ellis has done it again!

Ellis Murphy with a great Atlantic Salmon of 14lb



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Ellis Murphy with a great Atlantic Salmon

Jye Murphy has done it again also!

On the Thredbo River


Jye Murphy

Jye Murphy

Oliver Shvetsoff


Nice brown to Dale Johnston


Steve and Max Clark


Congratulations to

Aden Raphael

Lachlan Brittain with a great rainbow caught trolling.

Mark France with another great brown.

Amarnie McVean

Sean Phan great rainbow Sean.

John Doherty

Daniela Heller

Steve recons these trout are good enough to eat sashimi style. Why wait?


Oliver Heller

Amanda Walshaw does it again with a lovely Atlantic salmon going just under 6lb caught on a Willys Special TD.

Larry Parker's salmon which was caught on a Y82 Tassie over near the sailing club last month.

Helen Howarth from Dubbo with a 77cm Atlantic caught on a number 65 Tasmanian Devil lure on 24th September 2012

Ellis Murphy with his 13lb Atlantic salmon




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Jennifer Gray


Tahnoe Duncan


Chris Myatt

Hollie Sherrott  from Jindabyne with a good conditioned Rainbow Trout

Mark France with a brown caught on a Rapala


Greg Breen with a good rainbow on a new Tasmanian Devil colour.


Annallise Dowdle

Hamish Sweeny managed 3 good rainbows.


Ross Stevens and Henry had a great boat trolling session on Easter Sunday.

Plenty of trout caught off the surface now.

Eleanor Kinkade with a 5lb brown caught on a Rapala.

March 2012


Bruce Phemister with a brown full of yabbies.

March 2012

Amanda Walshaw with one of the rainbow trout she caught trolling on Lake Jindabyne in late December 2011.

Paul Hobbs from Camden NSW with a rainbow caught in the Thredbo river.

Nov 16th 2011

Violaine Pahin from Paris France is over in Australia on a 12 months visa and loved the Snowy Mountains and it's trout fishing.

November 2011

Malcolm Pattie with a rainbow caught trolling in November 2011

Narine Lindsay caught this whopper and quite a few other fish while fishing at Mowambah Hut on the Mowambah River.

November 2011

Mowambah Hut on the Mowambah River.


Ahmad Elsaddik and son Aouni had a great week of fishing and skiing in July, with about 66 trout caught over the week. Ahmad and Aouni braved the cold temperatures early and late in the day often fishing in the dark in minus temperatures.

Ahmad Elsaddik with a beautifully coloured male rainbow caught in July at East Jindabyne.

Aouni Elsaddik with a great male rainbow trout.

July 2011


Grant Slater and Sam Karelas fished in very windy conditions but with some protection down near the dam wall and their brave efforts were rewarded and the photos shows Grant with one of the better fish caught on Powerbait.

July 2011

Aouni Elsaddik with a brown he caught on lure.

July 2011

Clayton Lynch with an Atlantic salmon caught on a Y48 Tassie Devil

The big Atlantics ex brood from Gaden Trout Hatchery have now been released into Lake Jindabyne

Ben Blunt with a 3.7 Brown caught on a Legend minnow.

Nathan Berkery with a big brown caught on the Thredbo River on the 27th May

James and Ben Blunt have been fishing up in Creel Bay.

James with a 2.7 kg and a 2.3 kg brown trout on his favorite Rapala jointed lure.

The boys were trolling from their canoe, just around the edges of the lake during the late afternoon into the evening.


Thredbo River 15th May 2011

Clear and low as well as very cold!

Who's this?

Signing books at my book launch at Snowprint Bookstore

Lisa and Liam Hall with a 3 lb rainbow trout caught trolling over the Easter break.

Thredbo River

15th May 2011


Liam Hall loves his fishing!

Michael and Lisa Hall with another big Jindabyne rainbow caught over the Easter break.

Carlos Evans from Melbourne with the biggest rainbow caught trolling last week on a Steve Williamson's personalised Y50 Tasmanian Devil.

Jacob Youman with a very well conditioned rainbow trout caught on a black and orange SW Tasmanian Devil lure.

Luke Hedger from Sussex Inlet NSW with a 1kg Rainbow caught trolling last week

Steve Hedger from Sussex Inlet NSW with a 1kg Rainbow caught trolling last week

Drew Thorpe and Joshua Connell with 2 rainbows caught spinning with a 7 gram Tassie Devil in the Thredbo River

Carlos and Jackson Evans from Melbourne with rainbows caught trolling on a cool morning last week.


Andrew McGrath with his first fish on fly after just 2 days of fly fishing.

Adam Begg photo. His trout caught on a fly dropper behind a Tasmanian Devil trolling Lake Jindabyne.

Trevor Kanaley and Greg Woon managed to boat at leats 12 fish on a 3 hour troll in February.

Mike Whitney TV personality and former Australian cricketer (fast bowler who played 12 tests) who was down at Lake Crackenback Resort where we were conducting fly fishing lessons for a group there for the new SsangYong car launch, when we had a snake visit us (one of 2 on the afternoon). Pays to be on the look out, this snake slipped through at least 10 people before it was noticed.

The snake (both) were caught and released elsewhere!

Always practice 'catch and release'?


Luigi and Denise Merletto boated 12 fish, mostly on downriggers, the biggest was 6lb.

Denise Merletto with her 4 pounder.

6 year old William Murray's Big Brown Trout

Mudeye fly 'dropper' behind a Tassie Devil

is one way to catch fish when the fish are not hitting lures.

Photo Adam Begg

Michael O'Mara

Brown trout

Dave Wilson Brook Trout

Mudeye Monster

Amanda Walshaw

Kristian and Keith White and Cristian Mapstone

Brendon and Lachlan Cope

Matt Tripet, Activities Manager at Lake Crackenback Resort with his first Lake Jindabyne rainbow trout

Lyndon Discome with another nice brown trout caught on Lake Jindabyne.

Charlene Grima, Robert Ebzany and Damien Grima

Jason Heyes with a Rainbow trout caught on a RMG Scorpion. This fish put up a great fight and jumped out of the water many times testing Jason's fishing skills.

Robert Ebzany with a 4lb brown caught 7th October

Charlene Grima with 4 lb brown trout.

Greg Woon with two rainbows caught trolling.

Chris Myatt with a huge rainbow caught on 10th October.

Allan Smith with a Thredbo River rainbow caught on a Steve Williamson black and Gold special Tasmanian Devil Lure

Trevor Kanaley a very well conditioned Rainbow trout caught trolling a black/ orange Steve Williamson special.

Lachlan Kanaley with an 8lb brown trout caught on a Steve Williamson Orange and Black 20 gram Tasmanian Devil lure.

Mark France again catching big browns on Rapalas.

September 2010

Adam Begg with an Atlantic salmon caught last week down in the South Arm.

August 2010

Wazzer with his 2.5 kg brown trout (cleaned)

The fish was full of Yabbies some which crawled away after the fish was cleaned!

Shane Slusser reports -Dad (Peter) got a cracker of a fish on an F-13 Firetiger Rapala, trolling towards East Jindabyne, in 100ft of water on a downrigger at 25ft. (Thanks to the advice on your website on how deep to go!) The male weighed in at 8.5lb and 72cm.

Lyndon's Discome's brown caught spinning on Lake Jindabyne in early July 2010.

Sam Kay caught this Rainbow spinning near Widows Creek.

Scott Bannister caught this rainbow trolling a holographic Tasmanian Devil Lure.

Scott Munro captured this male brook trout spinning a Tasmanian Devil lure near the boat ramp.

Bryan Jones caught this brown trout trolling a 'Steve Williamson' custom orange and black Tasmanian Devil lure.

Mark France caught this brown trout trolling a Rapala minnow behind his Kayak up at Creel Bay

11 year old Matthew MacDonald, caught this 6 pound female brown trout at Jindabyne.

It was caught on a surface trolled brown trout Rapala just on dark at Curiosity Rocks.


Introducing new Steve Williamson's Tackle Shop employee - Adam Begg


Introducing new Steve Williamson's Tackle Shop employee- Nathan Berkery

Bailey Curren with a Rainbow trout caught on Christmas Eve 2010. What a Christmas present!

Declan Curren with another beautiful Rainbow Trout also caught on Christmas Eve.

Amanda Walshaw had a great trip to Jindabyne in late September and this is just a couple of the fish she caught trolling with me. Plenty of rainbows and a couple of salmon about but browns were hard to find.


Jackie Stevens and Byron Le Blanc had a great morning trolling and experienced the best fishing all month. These are a few of the fish caught and all others were released to swim another day.


Steve and Fifi Box while filming the weather for the

7 Sunrise program on 15th July 2009


Cold frosty and foggy minus 4 degrees while filming the channel 7 Sunrise weather.

Matt Turpeinen from East Jindabyne with an Atlantic salmon caught on powerbait in June 2009

My Polycraft will be back in Jindabyne this summer and available for casting tours on Lake Jindabyne

Nick Hill caught this trout on a soft plastic casting into the trees down at the South Arm

Harry Southwell - These bigger rainbows were caught downrigging in the middle of the day in February.

Graeme, Harry and Andrew Southwell with just a few of the trout they caught in February.

Steve Williamson's new Trout Information Centre at Quality Resort Horizons. This is where we now hold all of our courses and is situated beside the main entrance.

Shawn and Samantha Lawrence hand over the Steve Williamson's Trout Challenge trophy to Cameron and Kerry Webley winners of the team category of the Discovery Think You Can Fish Series 2009

Claire and Jasmond Kent won the Steve Williamson encouragement award at the Discovery Jindabyne Trout Challenge held in February 2009

Clayton Spensor September 08

Dermot McEnroe September 2008

Dougy Ivanovic (Mr Jindy) from Melbourne with another one of his trophy brown trout. This fish was caught on fly on the Thredbo River on the 14th May 2008.

Dougy is usually seen trolling Lake Jindabyne but as all good anglers can, he is also an expert on river fishing using both fly and lure methods.

True anglers are experts on all methods of catching fish and will always change the method to suit the occasion.

Being able to read the conditions makes for a very successful angler.

Chris Lamont with a 5lb brown trout caught trolling over the weedbeds.

Bill Wade's big brown caught on the Thredbo on Fly. Bill caught the fish and many more on fly during a recently in May.

Bill was also the 'netter' for Dougy when he caught his 11lb brown.

Hanson and Rimay with a 3 lb brown trout caught trolling a brown trout jointed Rapala lure

Joaquin Pelez from Chili who caught his first fish ever in Australia with Steve Williamson trolling a Tasmanian Devil number 82 lure. The female rainbow trout was in fantastic condition and weighed in at 1 kg.

Angus Smith age10

A fish caught with dad on a January morning trolling tour.

Kristian White with a 4lb Brown Trout.

Phil Georgion with a 7lb Brown

Phil caught the fish in Lake Jindabyne at 11am on a size 16 Nymph, showing you can catch fish anytime if you are prepared to put a line in the water.

Karina Peck managed a massive 6 Rainbow Trout in 2 hours of fishing using downriggers at 30 feet deep. The fishing in February has been great and we expect some great catches to continue.